Attend a WORKshop.

Between the Summer and Winter WORK conferences, we produce small pop-ups and workshops exploring creative problem-solving, entrepreneurial leadership, company wellness, storytelling and financial preparedness. When these workshops are available, you’ll find information on them here.

● MARCH 30 — your budget is your BFF ●

Join us for morning coffee at #BBATX’s headquarters accompanied with a workshop on value-based budgeting. Following the introductory presentation by the queen of budgeting Keisha Gillis, we’ll go through a hands-on, budget-scheming exercise and co-work for a few hours until 1 PM. Bring your expense sheets and get ready to dig in.

● MARCH 30 — not today, satan: a tax workshop ●

Join us for an afternoon coffee at #BBATX’s headquarters accompanied with an introduction to tax filing for small business owners, freelancers and artists. Following this presentation by tax accountant Koreena Malone, we’ll all sit down to actually start filing our damn taxes. :) A good sense of humor and appreciation for oneself is encouraged.

● MaY 4 — alone, together: a workshop on collaboration ●

On May 4 from 10 AM to 1 PM, join us for morning coffee at #BBATX’s headquarters, as we explore the emotional and practical tools necessary to start and sustain a successful collaboration. Bring pen and paper (or a note-taking device), your own questions as well as a friend you want to work with!