a conference for creatives and entrepreneurs,
exploring approaches to work.

WORK is a biannual conference, exploring new ideas and approaches to creative and entrepreneurial work. Hosting 300 guests every summer and winter, this biannual, one-day event's panels, workshops and speaker sessions touch on personal and professional development, marketing, wellness, business management and entrepreneurship.  ✨The next WORK conference will be held in January 2020 at the University of Texas at Austin’s Rowling Hall.


Behind the Conference

Launched by #BBATX in January 2018, WORK is designed for women and nonbinary small business owners, new entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, industry leaders and creative professionals. Produced by #BBATX and powered by Texas MSTC, Texas MBA and Bumble Bizz, the WORK conference pops up again in January 2020 at Rowling Hall. Curious about the last conference? Download Summer ‘19's #WORKbook.

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Meet the Producers

Through event series, showcases and personal/professional development programs, #bbatx has provided a platform of visibility, outreach and financial opportunity to 1500+ Texas-based women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers. We make space to catalyze multi-industry coalitions, share our crafts, seek help and provide each other with practical and emotional resources. We believe there is power in our shared experiences. 

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you are doing big work.

you are not required to be all of yourself at once.

it’s ok to change.


what people have to say about #work:

“Thank you for the incredible experience you put together. I know you worked crazy hard and I feel so grateful and fortunate that I finally got to attend. It is the first #bossbabesATX event I've come to and I was blown away. Not only was it chock-full of brilliant content provided by inspiring, badass women, it was so thoughtfully and beautifully put together. It looked like a million bucks. It worked flawlessly. I love how you put the work sessions at the beginning and the keynote panels at the end, when our brains would be too tired to work hard but still able to absorb all of that wisdom. I loved the ways you made space for introverts who want to network but also hate it and maybe don't know how, and I loved getting to go to the Blanton and finally see the Ellsworth Kelly chapel. I was seriously blown away by how completely awesome the entire day was. You are all goddesses. I can't wait to come to more stuff. Thank you a million times!” — Cat Shattuck, Winter ‘19 WORK attendee

“I cannot praise the event ENOUGH—it was truly so inspiring to be around this community of women.” — Patty Suarez, Winter ‘19 WORK attendee

“This conference was amazing and I am doing my recap of the month and I am flabbergasted by the entire workbook you put together.  Golly. Great job, this is so helpful and appreciated.” — Janeane Tolomeo, Winter ‘19 WORK attendee