get the best #work SUMMER ‘19 experience.

presented by #bossbabesATX
powered by Texas MSTC, Texas MBA and Bumble Bizz
10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday July 20, 2019
Rowling Hall in Austin, Texas
$25 registration

At team #BBATX, we want to make sure you have the best WORK experience today. Here’s a little FAQ answering some questions about your sessions, where to park, where to eat, etc.

● I’m super excited to come to WORK! Where should I park and what do I do when arrive?
WORK is held at Rowling Hall on UT campus. There is no parking onsite, but there are available parking garages in the surrounding area (AT&T Conference Center garage, as well as the Dobie parking garage) and street parking. Carpooling and public transportation is also recommended.

When you arrive, there will be volunteers directing you toward registration on the bottom floor. They’ll scan your Universe ticket and then you will choose a statement that puts you in a networking group. From there, you’ll head to the fifth floor and can choose to network or just hang out and settle in.

● How do I select my workshop sessions for the day?
You don’t need to select your sessions prior to the conference. All sessions are first-come, first-serve and we don’t anticipate running out of room in any of them.

● What’s the dress code?
Whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. Last year, our founder wore overalls.

● Does the conference provide lunch? If not, where do I go to eat?
This year, the conference ticket does not include lunch. You have 30-minute breaks in between your sessions to step out and grab something, as well as an hour-long break between 2 and 3 PM. In the area, there are a few places to eat that are within walking distance:

Blanton Museum Café (grab and go)
Kerby Lane Café

● What do I need to bring?
An open mind and something to take notes with. You also may need pen and paper for some of the sessions you attend.

Everything you need to know about sessions and speakers is in your work guide (delivered to you via email prior to the conference) or at Enjoy the day!