On Making The Most Of What You've Got: Allegra Moet-Brantly

On Making The Most Of What You've Got: Allegra Moet-Brantly

Leading up to our Winter ‘19 iteration of WORK, we'll feature select interviews with some of our conference's speakers and thought leaders. In this interview, entrepreneur and negotiation coach Allegra Moet-Brantly talks money moves. Click here for a look at Winter 2019’s conference schedule.


Allegra Moet Brantly’s personal “why” is to help 1 million women to $1 million net-worth. She is the founder of the ElleFactor, the first female financial society in Austin created to elevate women’s wealth via meetups, mentoring and community-building, Coffee & Coin, a monthly interview series showcasing a women's money journey: the struggles, the setbacks and the successes, and ElleFactor Circles, a four part in-person wealth-building accountability course. Allegra also founded the ATX chapter of Ladies Get Paid after moving here from NYC in December 2017 and is a salary negotiation coach working to close the gender wage gap and advance women. You can find her online at @ambrantly, @the_ellefactor and @ladiesgetpaidATX.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Elevating women's wealth.

How would you describe your work?

The same! In a world where the finger of consumerism is pointed firmly at women, we're caught in a bad cycle of over-spending compounded with earning less. This, coupled with our fears around investing and lack of education around personal finance, is why I wanted to create an authentic and approachable brand for women to become confidant in their financial life. ElleFactor was built to help women become empowered in their financial life by finding their clarity and purpose with a community of accountability partners at their side. 

How do you approach concepts of "work-life balance?" Does that term mean anything to you?

As an entrepreneur work is life and life is work, but they're not inter-changeable. Life is a montage of balancing acts. Balance itself isn't perfect, it's wobbly and that's OK as long as your foundation is there. For me that's never forgoing eight hours of sleep nightly, a grounding gratitude practice and morning walks to get my body and mind moving in the beginning of the day.

How do you approach working with others? 

What advice do you have for starting/switching career paths? There's no lack of ideas—there's lack of execution. When starting something, it can be overwhelming. I recommend finding a confidant that can hold you accountable to yourself and the vision you've laid out. In the end it's really up to you to put one foot in front of the other though. That's the only way to bring new things to life. 

Have you ever experienced a form of career uncertainty? If so, how did you overcome it?

Oh sure. I started a fashion label in my 20s feeling like a fraud in NYC where there are so many great designers and then transitioned from fashion to finance feeling even more like fraud because I didn't have some special license or acronym behind my name. I've learned that in the pursuit of bringing your value into the world, you just have to go for it remind yourself that you are not an imposter. How could you be when you're just you?

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