On Working Within Your Values: Carmen Marron

On Working Within Your Values: Carmen Marron

Leading up to our Winter ‘19 iteration of WORK, we'll feature select interviews with some of our conference's speakers and thought leaders. In this interview, filmmaker and director Carmen Marron discusses the way her beliefs intersects with her work. Click here for a look at Winter 2019’s conference schedule.


Carmen Marron is a self-taught writer, director, and producer whose debut hip hop indie feature, “GO FOR IT!” sold out at festivals coast to coast, won four Audience Awards, and was bought and distributed by Lionsgate in theaters across the US. As well as writing and directing, she edited, cast the actors and co-composed the theme song for her dance drama. Carmen’s second film “ENDGAME”, was released theatrically by AMC and premiered on HBO in 2016.

what she’s working on:

Her next movie, The Lost Ones, a coming-of-age drama depicting teen violence in America, is currently in development.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Friendly, perseverant and a problem-solver.

How would you describe your work?

I’m very detail-oriented, creative and I'm always thinking outside the box to problem-solve or get new projects started or help colleagues achieve their team goals. I work on every step of the process from A to Z, whether it's writing, directing or finishing the movie and delivering it to a studio.

How do you approach working with others?

I approach working with others with a goal to create a win-win solution for our mission. I make sure they know I'm there to enhance their job and be of help and much as ask for their creative contribution.

What advice do you have for starting/switching career paths?

The most important thing is to make sure you really love what you're switching to help ease the transition. Do your research, as well.

What makes you resilient? (Resilience is the ability to withstand tough conditions and recover when things are difficult.)

My resilience always stems from my belief system. I do not do anything that does not provide a positive service to humanity and I have to believe in what I'm doing with all my heart. It becomes more about the greater good than my achievements.

About WORK: WORK is a biannual pop-up space, designed for sharing new ideas and approaches to creative and entrepreneurial work. The event's panels, workshops and speaker sessions explore personal and professional curiosity, storytelling, diversity and equality, business management and creative entrepreneurship. Our next conference pops up in July 2019 at Rowling Hall in Austin, Texas. ✨Click here for more information.

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